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Vail Massage and Body Treatments

Spa Struck provides spa services to the guests at Vail Spa Condominiums. Treatments and massages can be arranged in the privacy of your own condo or in our treatment rooms. Please call the Vail Spa Concierge at 877-752-9992 to make your appointment.
The following are examples of spa treatments avilable for guests of Vail Spa Condominiums. For a complete list of massage options and prices, please visit
Hydrating Swedish Massage: Our Swedish Massage combines long flowing strokes with kneading of the muscles. Your therapist gives you a full body massage utilizing a hydrating lotion mixed with essential oils to soothe dehydrated skin.

Hot Stone Massage: As Hot Polished Lava Stones massage your body, the heat from the stones transfers into your muscles, to warm them. This allows the therapists to then use their hands to virtually melt away stiffness, creating a feeling of deep relaxation and muscle relief.

Personalized Aromatherapy Full Body Massage: A soothing massage customized to your individual needs. Your therapist uses long, flowing strokes and essential oils to enhance energy flow while influencing your sense of smell to promote relaxation. Stress and tension melt away by using the healing power of essential oils on your body and in the room.

Athlete's Relief Full Body Sports Massage: Using a combination of muscle flushing strokes and light stretching techniques with our popular sports oil, we reduce lactic acids and toxins helping you spend more time enjoying activities on the mountain.

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage: For people that are experiencing chronic pain or just like a deeper massage. Trigger points are manipulated to release tension, restoring muscle integrity and overall body balance.

Prenatal Massage: A massage designed to target those areas most affected by pregnancy. Special techniques are used to relieve headaches, sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps and sciatic pain. Advance Notice Required.

Foot Reflexology: An ancient Oriental massage technique using pressure points on your feet that correspond to specific organs and parts of your body. Promotes relaxation, relieves stress and releases energy throughout the body.

Travelers Back & Neck Relief: For those that don't have time for a full body massage or just need to ease the tension and stress in the low back and neck areas.

Sore Foot and Leg Relief: After a grueling day of skiing, golfing or hiking, let us restore your tired feet and lower legs with our minty-cool conditioning massage cream.

Hand and Arm Rejuvenation: Being exposed to nature constantly, your hands get tired and dry. Let us soothe your hands and relieve your arms with our regenerative cucumber massage lotion.

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment: Do you love having your head rubbed? Just imagine your therapist massaging warm essential oils into your scalp, down into your neck and all over your shoulders. Pure Luxury!

Couples| Friends Massage: Whether you want to share your partner’s first massage, celebrate a special day together or you just never get time to catch up. Enjoy the privacy of a room specially designed for couples to receive simultaneous massages from a pair of our certified therapists with your choice of Hydrating Massage Lotion.

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